What Can I Do to Make Tax Season Smooth Sailing?

  1. For those utilizing drop off or portal upload methods, visit your secured portal!
    1. Click on the required documents drop down menu at the top.
    2. Save relevant forms as PDF’s
    3. Complete the forms
    4. Load the forms to your secured portal

^This can be done at any time prior to your assigned drop off/portal upload week! ANYTIME!

  1. Use the secured portal for the entire tax process and save 5% on your tax preparation fees!
  2. Take a valid stab at your completing your tax organizer (found in your secured portal).

    a. This helps ensure you provide all your documents at ONE TIME for tax preparation which decreases the chances of errors on the tax returns. Piece mealing anything doesn’t produce greatest results

  3. Put your 1:1 sit down tax appointment OR your drop off/portal upload assigned date on your calendar.
    1. If you don’t have all your documents prior to your 1:1 tax appointment or by the end of your assigned drop off or portal week, please let us know. We’re more than willing to accommodate a change in schedule to ensure we get all your documents at one time
  4. Politely abide by our Cancellation Policy and No Kids Policy. See required forms in secured portal for No Kid Policy
    1. We value your time and our time therefore we have no time for distractions; hence our No Kids Policy.
    2. We know you don’t have time nor do we to be sick; hence our No Kids Policy.
    3. WE have a working relationship with PlayDates in Coralville – great evening care for your kids while you come to your tax appointment or spend evening time uploading tax documents to the secured portal.
  5. Ways to counter balance our tax preparation fee increase:

    a. send us your friends and family – We work with only the best and are thankful you are part of the bmp, CPA family. Save 10% when you send us a paying referral.

    b. Use the secured portal and save 5% on tax preparation fees.