I asked our tax preparation, tax planning, and budgeting clients to share why they work with us and not our competition. This is the list of what they had to say:

  • Complimentary and convenient secured portal available year-around –
    • Allows the uploading/downloading documents at a time that best fits our schedule and doesn’t take time from family.
  • Strategic Tax Analysis –
    • every tax return Start with a plan to legally keep my money to myself.
  • Value based fees–
    • BMP, CPA value far exceeds the fees for services
  • Client Well-Being Focused –
    • it’s not only about my tax return or my budget, it’s the care as to whether or not I have a retirement plan, an updated will, a family member who visits, a good doctor, and directions to my next stop.
  • Accurate and High Quality Work –
    • Attention to detail ensures an accurate result for me year after year.
  • Respectful of your Time –
    • My time is treated as precious as their time. Questions are answered without hesitation and I never feel like I’m the last man on the totem pole.
  • Converts taxpayer to an educated taxpayer –
    • my money dollar by dollar (or line by line for the tax return) Is explained to me in terms I can understand.

I’ve worked directly with clients over the past decades of tax seasons and our clients have had the opportunity to learn more about us than they’ve ever been able to learn about any walk in CPA firm.

My name is Brooke Pettengill, CPA and I am the client focused business owner of bmp, CPA. Over the past decade I’ve been able to add to the bmp,CPA team. We are a team of two all year long and we quickly become an experienced team of four during tax season. We have licensed professionals on staff to address the simplest of issues or the most complex of situations. Combined we have 40 years and growing of experience sitting on our team. We started with a client base of approximately 25 clients and today we’re sitting at 800+. We serve a niche market and we work primarily from referrals as our primary source of incoming clients.