Break from the Norm – Me.

If the house goes up in smoke, I want to make sure I save…

  1. Madi – she’s my 6 year old black tri Australian Shepherd mix. She’s the reason I get up early every morning (and go back to bed), have an appreciation for life, patience for clients, and willingness to work the long hours of tax season

    Right now I have another responsibility that is worth saving – her name is Lady M. She’s a purebred Australia Shepherd foster dog. She’s beautiful inside and out. Life isn’t the same without a good foster dog!

  2. Keys/Phone/Laptop – Madi and I love road trips and I can work anywhere when I choose too so phone and laptop are critical. Plus my best friend lives in Wisconsin so I have to be able to communicate with her!
  3. A little black stand that belonged to my grandpa’s mom. I remember the day he told me the story of how important that stand was to his mom and how it rotated rooms as he grew up.
  4. A brown tri level stand that was my mom and dad’s first night stand. The same stand that the baby monitor sat on when I was brought home from the hospital.

What’s on your must save list? PS — no need to include tax returns on your list; I always have electronic access to those!