**New** Services: Notary and Budgeting

Well, not entirely new. They just have more demand than ever before!

I became a notary public in 2012. In the past 30 days I have notarized I-9 forms, credit card fraud statements, divorce agreements, legal judgements, and financial documents.

If you are in need of a notary, I am available most days, evenings, and weekends making it easy to meet the notary requirement on your important documents.

My budgeting services continue to be offered! I’ve worked with several successful folks that had debt, couldn’t control their money therefore living paycheck to paycheck, and was frightened because the hole was quite deep. They were right, the hole was deep but after understanding their spending triggers, needs vs wants, and a way to trim the fat by being a cash basis consumer with a monthly/weekly budget, life got much easier.

We focus on creating an emergency plan, setting aside 3-6 months of living expenses, and paying off debt with a quick effective plan.

Contact me today to start your budget success. brooke@bmp-cpa.com or 319.239.9903

Happy savings!