It has been a very busy 25 days but I want to get my thank you’s out there! So well deserved!

First and foremost, I want to thank my clients for being so patient, understanding, and easy to work with! As I sit back and look at the past three years and look forward to the many more, I thank you for giving me a chance to serve your individual and small business taxation needs. It’s a true honor.

For those who attended the second annual client appreciation event in October at the Kava House Cafe in Swisher – Thank you for coming! Great to see you without the same old gray walls surrounding us. 🙂 Thank you Karen of Kava House Cafe for being such a great hostess!

A BIG thanks to Lois and Jeremy James of James Investment Group for sharing your expertise in Social Security and other retirement planning strategies with bmp, CPA clients at no cost to them. Many who attended said it was an ‘eye opening’ experience that everyone should experience. It got people thinking about their future, gaining trust in a certified financial planner, and provided relevant and critical information. **Due to heavy demand this will be offered again. Contact Brooke at or 319.239.9903.

Thank you to the salon and spa service providers as well as real estate professionals who attended this week’s ‘Tax and Financial Must Knows’ Seminar. We discussed how self-employment works, what deductions can be taken, how to track mileage, best ways to keep records, and how to protect a paycheck shall I cannot work. CRITICAL information!