Tax Preparation Services


  • High Quality Accurate Federal and State Individual and Small Business Income Tax Return Preparation
  • Online Scheduling of Tax Appointments at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Evenings and weekends available beginning January 1, 2015.
  • Secured Portals for Sharing of Information – no tax appointment needed.
  • Electronic Signature Allowed on Electronic Transmission Forms
  • Forms Filed Included but not Limited to –
    • Form 1040 Federal Individual Income Tax Return (also several states) all supporting forms and schedules
    • Schedule C Business Income and Expense
    • Schedule SE Self Employed Tax
    • Earned Income Tax Credit
    • All Affordable Care Act forms and schedules
    • Form 1120-H Home Owners Association Income Tax Return

“Brooke is extremely knowledgeable and her unique process is efficient and cost effective. I would use her before considering a large company that charge an outrageous amount and are not always as knowledgeable.” – J & R K.