I asked my tax preparation, tax planning, and budgeting clients to share with me why they work with me and not my competition. This is the list of what they had to say:

  • Strategic Tax Analysis –
    • Brooke starts every tax return with a plan to legally keep my money to myself.
  • Reasonable Rate –
    • Brooke bases her rates on what’s reasonable for my budget.
  • Client Well-Being Focused –
    • Brooke does not only care about my tax return or my budget, she cares about whether or not I have a retirement plan, an updated will, a family member who visits, a good doctor, and directions to my next stop.
  • Accurate and High Quality Work –
    • Brooke’s attention to detail ensures an accurate result for me year after year.
  • Respectful of your Time –
    • Brooke always treats my time as though it is as precious as her own. She answers my questions without hesitation and I never feel as though I am a second priority.
  • Converts taxpayer to an educated taxpayer –
    • Brooke explains my money dollar by dollar (or line by line for the tax return) to me in terms I can understand.

I’ve worked face to face with my direct clients for the past five years and boy, they know me well. My name is Brooke Pettengill, CPA and I have am the client focused business owner of bmp, CPA.

Please feel free to explore my newly designed web page to get a feel for the services I offer, the informal cozy professional environment I welcome you to, and be sure to schedule your appointment with me sooner rather than later as I am anxious to serve your tax and budgeting needs!