Tammy Bruns joins bmp, CPA as a Money Management Specialist. Tammy has lived in Iowa City for over fifteen years. During these years, she has worked at The University of Iowa in various roles including the Tippie College of Business MBA Program and currently in the Registrar’s Office assisting enrolled student veterans in utilizing and managing their G.I. Bill funds. Tammy’s money goal for you is to find happiness, freedom and contentment with your finances. No more paying overage fees, avoiding credit card statements that you cannot pay, living paycheck to paycheck, and experiencing anxiety when an emergency happens requiring extra funds. Is this process going to be a major life change? Yes. Positive change doesn’t happen overnight, but you will experience long-term financial improvement if you follow the guidance developed by bmp CPA…Tammy is proof that it works. Your life can be free from anxiety, stress and feelings of helplessness created by your financial situation. Let Tammy help you now so you can focus on what’s most important in your life!

Upcoming Events

Basic Budgeting Workshop
Tuesday, February 26th or March 26th

North Liberty CoLab
Idea Bar Conference Room
215 Highway 965 NE Ste 1
North Liberty, IA 52317

  • Create a monthly spending plan
  • Organize your receipts & bills
  • Learn how to get out of debt
  • Tips from a money management specialist

$30/person or $45 for two people
*Free for all directly impacted by federal government shutdown

Space is limited and for ages 18+ only! RSVP to one week prior to each session.