Individual, Household, and Small Business Budgeting


75% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Is this you? Is this your best friend? Is this your sister, brother, co-worker? Does it have to be this way?


Sit down with Brooke for a one-on-one budget session focused on:

  • Establishing a readily available self-defined Emergency Fund
  • Saving 3-6 months living EXPENSE
  • Paying off debt in speedy and realistic approach
  • Saving a minimum of 15% of income for retirement
  • Building College Savings for children, grandchildren, other loved ones
  • Paying off home early
  • Building Wealth and Giving

Due to high demand of budget services, Brooke only accepts 4 new budget clients a month. ACT TODAY.

As a family of four with one on the way, we needed a simple approach to allocating our money to create monthly savings. After three months of working with Brooke we continued to stay on track with our budget, save each month, and take steps to help us to reach our goals.  We paid off my student loan, a 401(k) loan and credit card debt…. And we’ll look next to use the debt snowball idea to accelerate payment toward our only remaining debt—our van and our mortgage. We also each opened up a Roth IRA to supplement retirement savings AND of course we’ll be opening up a 3rd 529 plan for baby #3 very soon. ~M & S F.