5 Reasons to File Your Income Tax Returns Early


  1.  Minimize fraud opportunities on your social security number (SSN).    Once the tax return is filed and accepted, the SSN cannot be used again!
  2. Refunds are processed in the order that tax returns are received.  There are a few exceptions to this, but in general, the earlier you file, the faster you will get your return.
  3. Our schedules at BMP-CPA fill quickly once people start getting their W2s and other forms in the mail.    Just like the government, the earlier you schedule your appointment and give us the information for your tax return, the earlier we will have it ready.   If you wait until late March to schedule your appointment, we’ll be scheduling 3-4 weeks out, and we will probably have to file an extension for you.
  4. Counting on refunds for property tax payments in March can only be accomplished when returns are filed and processed early.
  5. If you owe on the tax returnn, the earlier you file the longer, you have to come up with the amount owed!  At BMP-CPA, our  advice to you is file early, pay in full on time!

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