Hence why documenting Itemized Deductions (emphasis on charitable contributions) is critical!

The pilot will involve between 4,000 and 5,000 taxpayers already selected for audits of itemized deductions on Schedule A of their income tax returns. The taxpayers will receive a notification (Pub 5254) inviting them to participate, and if they decide to do so, they will register and communicate with the Internal Revenue Service through a secure online portal.

Taxpayers and tax professionals will need to authenticate their identities via IRS eAuthentication to access the portal, and will then receive notification to their registered e-mail address telling them to log into the TDC secure portal to view messages. Taxpayers will be able to upload documents or receipts, and respond to IRS questions in the portal.

If you receive a call from a taxpayer pertaining to this program, assure the caller that it is a legitimate IRS program and refer them to the insert (Pub 5254) included with their notification of examination. At this time, only those taxpayers who received the Publication in the mail may participate.