Relationship Building

Attending conferences throughout the country gives me so much insight as to how unique of a business relationship I have built with my clients.

I always ask my industry colleagues at conferences 2 questions:

  1. What do you do to add value to your client?
    1. Most CPA’s rattle off offering tax advice, preparing the return accurately the first time, and helping clients with life transitions that impact the tax return.
    2. My response
      1. The normal CPA response is just an everyday expectation for me and my clients.
      2. Just within the past 3 months I’ve invited serious small business clients to attend an one hour session with a nationally success coach AND held a luncheon for my retired seniors to chat, play games, and enjoy a lunch.
      3. Every month I invite 2 – 7 clients out for coffee, lunch, or dessert
      4. Every week I put 7 cards in the mail – birthdays, anniversaries, house purchase or just a note of thanks.
  2. How do you fee for time?
    1. Most CPA’s answer is ‘anytime we communicate, it’s billable time.’ Communicate? Yes, that includes phone calls, emails, texts, and face to face.
    2. the bmp, CPA way is I don’t fee out unless I have to look at calculated details of your situation.
      1. No fee for quick phone questions
      2. No fee for time and knowledge spent on responding to emails
      3. No fee for quick text replies on random tax impacting events

Relationship building techniques that are the two primary ways we’ve made bmp, CPA different than the rest. Being different is a SUPERB feeling and I’m so thankful that you’ve allowed me to ‘different than the norm’ for you!

If you have a friend, family member, or co-worker that is ready to join our ‘different than the rest’ team, please pass my information on to them. I would love to share this experience with them!


Brooke Pettengill, CPA