Problems with IRS e-filing system could delay tax returns

MILWAUKEE- You could be waiting quite a while to get your federal tax refund.A new system, called Modernized e-File, was supposed to make everything faster but isn’t working right. Friday, the IRS asked preparers not to use it at all. And that means it could take extra time for your refund to find its way to you.Tax season is tough enough, and now, there’s another hurdle. The IRS e-filing system isn’t working as well as they hoped, and it’s causing delays in your refund. In some cases, by weeks.”They have experienced about 40 percent of the returns, they had a delay,” said Brenda Spencer of Liberty Tax Service.The IRS system has been trying Modernized e-File for years, but this year was the full blown launch. It still accepts your return, but can’t process it as fast as promised. Another problem: checking your return status.”It’s literally called ‘where’s my refund’, it supposedly has no information about where your return is at or when your refund is expected,” said CPA Norman Wahn.TODAY’S TMJ4 reports that just because you can’t see your tax return on the IRS website, doesn’t mean it isn’t there and it doesn’t mean your money isn’t coming.”As long as it shows up on our site, on our system, everything’s OK,” said Brenda Spencer of Liberty Tax Service.In the meantime, their message isn’t to be worried, it’s to be aware — as Brenda Spencer says, “You can’t count your money until you get it.”