Process Updates

Lots of change in the air!

The leaves are green, yellow, orange, and a beautiful red and the sun sets so early!

The last five weeks have been busy preparing for the upcoming tax season. The change in process, pricing, and staff details are being leaked as I finalize them. So rest assure, change is in the air.

Process changes:

1. Online booking of tax appointments will be available online beginning November 1st. This date could be pushed back due to IT issues but let’s hope for the best. If you did not provide an email address during the 2010 tax return preparation process, you will receive a pre-scheduled tax appointment in January via mail. So if you have and email address and didn’t provide it and want to do online booking, please send me your email address at

2. Returning clients will receive their tax organizers in January via mail. This will also include the paperwork for you to complete prior to your tax appointment and a pre-scheduled tax appointment if your email was not provided during 2010 tax return preparation. There will be a fee for incomplete tax organizers.

Staff Changes:

1. Cindy Tryon of Tryon Financial Group has taken a load off of my to-do list the past couple seasons. We hope to release her of this role this season so she can attend to the growing needs of Tryon Financial Group. I will take on the communication between you and I and all the paperwork shuffling. To make this a smooth transition year, I ask you to be prepared, on time, and ready to work together.

Pricing Changes:

The pricing for last couple years has been insanely below my competitors. This price will increase but stay at about 50- 60% of that of local tax service providers (including national chains and local CPA firms). If you would like a price quote based off of last year’s tax return please feel free to contact me at

Questions, Comments, and Suggestions are welcomed. Please contact me!