Tax Planning Services


  • Significant Life Events change the tax return – plan ahead to avoid shock factor!
    • Marriage or Divorce
    • New Baby or Adoption
    • Inherited Money
    • Going Back to School
    • Change in Jobs
    • Sale of Real Estate
    • Adding to Investment Portfolio
    • Required Minimum Distributions

The impact of significant life events could be thousands of dollars – good and bad but manageable if you plan ahead!

  • Tax Planning for Retirement
    • Timing of 401k, IRA, Roth IRA distributions can quickly affect tax brackets, therefore tax liability.
    • Gift giving can drastically impact tax liability as well
    • Strategically using Health Savings Account as Medical ‘banks’
    • Using Real Estate as part of investment portfolio
    • Timing Required Minimum Distributions
    • Using strategy to maximize social security benefits

As a married couple we knew we had to sit down with Brooke to establish a 3 year pre-retirement plan prior to one of us retiring. We knew the rollover and distributions of 401k money needed a strategic plan to legally reduce tax liability as well as the timing of social security. Brooke works well with my financial advisor and together we have a plan that saves us thousands! ~ D & S, long time clients of Brooke