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Tax Preparation Services
Looking for a certified public accountant who focuses on saving you money on the tax return? Better yet, a professional who is reasonably priced and provides high quality accurate tax preparation? Look no further than Brooke Pettengill, CPA. Click here for more tax preparation information.

Tax Planning Services
Really want to continue down the tax preparation process without planning? Life changing event change the tax liability? Retirement planning – does it include tax savings? Do you want to wait until April for the results of your situation…when it’s too late to pay the consequences? No? Read more about ways Brooke can help you plan ahead and legally reduce tax liability.

Individual, Household, and Small Business Budgeting
Going down a path where making ends meet is a hard dreadful experience, sometimes even impossible to accomplish? Want to get out of debt? Want to make that mortgage payment with ease? Want to buy groceries and hope it will not cause an overdraft at the bank? Want to have a plan for retirement? Let Brooke help you discover the path to easy day to day living by a budget. Start your quest by exploring budget options by clicking here.